Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are the Dead Saints?

The term “saint” was used by Paul the Apostle 2000 years ago, when he addressed his Epistles to Christians. It was the specific word he applied to Christians who had had an encounter with God, Christ, and unconditional love. That experience transformed their lives and freed them from the fear of death.

NDE testimonies shared in modern times describe similar transformations depicted by St. Paul. Thus, “Dead Saints” refer to those who have had a near-death experience, and returned to life transformed by their NDE.

The Dead Saints differ from the Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, or Hindu “saints” who are known and revered for their piety, devotion and miracles. These Dead Saints represent a unique class of saints, usually ordinary people who after actually dying, if only briefly, return to this side of life with absolute KNOWLEDGE of the immortality of the soul and a concomitant loss of the fear of death. This is why I call them Dead Saints.

  1. Why is it a “Zen Journey” through the Christian Afterlife?

I use Japanese gardens and Bonsai metaphors throughout the book to tell the Dead Saints Chronicles story. In the process, I refer to the term ‘Zen’. By Zen, I don’t mean the religion, but rather the core essence of Zen, which states wisdom can only come from direct experience, not through doctrine or dogma.

Each religion has its own mystical branch, and as my path took me from Christianity, to Eastern thought and back again, I employ the Zen philosophy to shed light on aspects of the Afterlife modern Christians may be curious about.

Through Zen mysticism, or the belief in gaining knowledge from direct experience, I utilize those who have had direct experience of death—the Dead Saints—to glean a better understanding about what truly lies beyond the veil.

  1. Are NDEs “Real” or are they Hallucinations and “Dream Visions” from a Dying Brain?

While there have been countless studies done on near-death experiences, researchers have not necessarily disproved the totality of the experience as the simple result of normal neurological function.

The materialist “theory” is that consciousness is caused by the human brain and resides in the brain; turn off the brain, turn off consciousness. Some researchers concede that the fading away of consciousness may take as long as 8 minutes.

Popular brain death theories that cause a near-death experience:

  1. The Temporoparietal Junction. Science claims to be able to reproduce out-of-body experiences by simply electrically stimulating this lobe of the brain.
  2. Excess Carbon Dioxide. Science claims creating excess oxygen reproduces the tunnel and white light. The feeling among researchers is that the excess CO2 in the bloodstream can have a significant effect on vision, which leads to patients seeing the tunnel and the bright light.
  3. Oxygen deprivation causes brain hypoxia. Patients who had heart attacks reveal a significantly higher level of CO2 (and conversely lower O2) in the blood. Out of the 52 cardiac patients studied, 11 with higher levels of CO2 reported a near-death experience.

I do not doubt all of the above brain death theories may trigger areas in the brain that produce OOBEs, tunnels, and bright light, but non-lethal stimulation of the brain may also be a part physical/spiritual part of dying process.

Evidence against Secular Humanism theories explaining the near-death experience.

1.Veridical Evidence: Verified Dead Saint observations of events occurring many miles away from the body.

  1. 99.9% of Dead Saints have conversations only with the deceased. How strange is that?
  2. Ghosts. Ghost Hunter Digital audio and digital video evidence.
  3. Fulfilled predictions of the future: events, deaths and births of children.
  4. Transformation of the life. Return to life more loving and no longer fear death.
  5. Shared Death experiences.  Permanent death experience shared with several people at once.
  6. Observation of Quantum Fields. Suspension of the laws of physics, time and space.
  7. Overwhelming Statistics. Estimated 20% of the Earth’s population has experienced more than one NDE Element.

Solving the brain death / NDE dilemma comes down to a simple theory: Consciousness resides in the brain, but when the brain dies, it doesn’t dissipate at all. Instead, consciousness is released to a quantum dimension that operates outside the laws of physics—laws we are just beginning to understand.

The NDE may soon become the coup de grace to Secular Humanism. At a certain point all those thousands of sifted and analyzed Dead Saint testimonials will have to count as real evidence. Regardless of whether the quasi-scientific anecdotal method is accepted, the cumulative evidence gathered is enough to convince—except for die-hard Humanists —that even one valid Dead Saint “white crow” will disprove “all crows are black.”

  1. How do NDEs affect Atheists and Agnostics?

Even though Atheists and Agnostics believe in their faith 100%, very few return from an NDE unchanged. One Dead Saint realized he died: Oh my God, what is going to happen to me?!!! Because I’ve rejected Jesus, I’m going to Hell! Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty in rejecting religion. Maybe I should have listened more…

Then, this Being smiled at me and I was instantly filled with love, so much love I felt I would explode from it. I could not contain it. I’ve never felt so adored. This Being communicated directly with me with thoughts, no words were ever used.

Another non-Believer, during surgery saw a Being of Light. Instantly, he was washed with a flood of love and forgiveness for everyone and everything. The experience totally changed his faith and his direction in life.

  1. Is God angry, mean, or vindictive?

Simple answer. No!  Five thousand Dead Saints have NEVER witnessed an angry, mean, or vindictive God.

  1. 6. If Grandma wasn’t Christian, where did she go when she died?

Dead Saints describe many Afterlife mansions. They observe souls of “saved” and “unsaved” in many different Realms of Heaven which ranger from lower, darker “neighborhoods” to the Heaven of Eternal Life.

  1. Does our Soul Pre-Exist the Body?

Yes. Dead Saints verify, without exception, that the soul pre-exists the physical body.

Scripture overwhelmingly supports the Dead Saint view. However, most Christian theologians today maintain that the soul is created with the physical body at conception. Our personal consciousness did not precede it.

However, dozens of Dead Saints dispute this. They claim to remember existing long before taking on a physical body, with some accounts claiming memories going back billions of years.

Many Bible passages may also be interpreted as evidence for pre-existence. This is true, especially in the light of irrefutable facts drawn from Church history with its voluminous detailed records of the many bitter theological disputes over doctrinal issues such as Pre-existence.

My years of research into NDEs and related topics (seldom if ever taken into consideration by Churchmen) has convinced me that pre-existence is not only possible, but probable. Dead Saint testimonies regarding memories experienced prior to physical birth, while not common, shine light on this very important doctrine.

  1. How do we find meaning/messages in our dreams?

I believe dreams are a language sent from God. Learning to remember and interpret them is an important part of study in Earth University. I call it Night School. The world of your subconscious is a pathway to interpret the activity and meaning of your daily life, and can be an instrument to seeing beyond the veil; a mini-death experience without the requirement of illness or death to receive messages from God.

Perhaps, you will be gifted with dreams of deceased loved ones or dreams about the future. Or you may hear a dream of a loved one who is preparing to cross over and know how to interpret it. But none of these will be available to you unless you begin recording dreams, interpreting dreams, and enriching your mind with a new skill.

It is rare, very rare, for someone NOT to be able to learn to remember their dreams. Practice will not only open a doorway to Heaven for blessings and communication from the Lord; you will also prepare yourself for your own death because you will have become familiar with the Light that shines through from the Afterlife.

  1. Are coincidences God speaking to us or should we dismiss them as random?

My Journal work began in earnest in September 1980, from the very first day I began recording daily entries. There’s a magic in articulating both our deepest thoughts along with the mundane events of the day. Unbelievable things happened. Coincidences went far beyond chance. Communications from God became daily occurrences once I started paying attention. I was recording my own personal journey with God.

While I had always believed in God nod coincidences and “God’s breadcrumbs,” it became clear to me, once I focused on writing the Chronicles after June 2013. Not only did I notice the breadcrumb trail in greater detail, I noticed the number of breadcrumbs increased—almost daily.

God’s “still small voice” quietly directs you every day. He delivers hints like a grand cross word puzzle—to fill in the Across and Down clues, but it is up to you to solve it. The more you pay attention to the whispered clues, the louder the “still small voice”—God’s visual breadcrumbs—become.

  1. Do evil souls go to Hell when they die?

Evil souls either resign themselves to, or are sent to Dark Realm. Hell is only a general term describing darker levels of existences as varied and opposite as the Kingdoms of Light.

The Dead Saints suggest the “highest” realm of darkness is superimposed on Earth called the “astral plane.” Beings on this plane are not typically aware of our existence, just as we are not aware of them, or their structures and cities.

They segregate themselves into “neighborhoods” according to “ethnic and moral” standards just as we do here on Earth. Birds of a feather stick together—because as one Dead Saint says, “It is too threatening to be with beings with whom you know disagree with you.”

Lower, darker realms exist. Great evil exist at the lowest realms of Hell. The Dead Saints have observed that all have a chance at redemption, even those living in the darker realms. The Dead Saints describe angels waiting for souls lost in Hell to look up with a desire to return to the Light, to God.

  1. What happens to the 4.8 billion non-Christians when they die? Is Heaven is reserved just for Christians?

Many Christians remain skeptical of Near-Heaven experiences because so few Dead Saints experience judgment or hell-like conditions. Instead, the Saints describe all manner of people, even non-Christians in Heaven, overcome with a profound, life-changing encounter of God’s unconditional love.

How can this be? Because God, the Living One, knows your heart. Jesus Christ knows your heart, whether you are Christian or non-Christian, saved or unsaved, baptized or unbaptized.

Throughout the Chronicles, I have conveyed from Scripture and from the Dead Saints, guidelines for entering one of the many levels of Heaven. You must be joyous and light hearted. You must be peaceful and loving, and innocent like a child.

The Mansion (or level) of Heaven that you enter is determined by the magnitude or depth of unconditional love that you attain while in physical form. The depth of one’s love is expressed by the purity of one’s heart—the extent to which the heart is free of all fear and inflamed by faith, unconditional love and universal kindness.

Your heart, not the religion you profess, is the REAL you, which you present to God when you pass over—a reflection of the ancient Biblical saying in Proverbs 23:7, “So as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”.

The conclusion: 4.8 billion non-Christians will not perish when they die. The “bad guys” will be sent to, or resigned to darker, lower realms. Good souls will enter at least the first level of Heaven when they die. Perhaps, it is why the Dead Saints find both the “unsaved” and the “saved” in the Realms of Heaven they see.

  1. Why is Grandma able to talk to us from the beyond?

Because Grandma is still conscious in the Afterlife. And if those in charge allow, she can visit you. But she is still bound to the Afterlife law of non-interference. Typically, Grandma can appear in dreams to give encouraging words about her survival and the joy she has found in Heaven, and may even mention reuniting with family and friends.  Sometimes more is shared, but those visits often occur quickly; 24-48 hours after death.

Grandma can still appear months and years later when there is a time of NEED, but the overriding principle is that Grandma NOT BE A DISTRACTION which interferes with the learning of our lessons while attending Earth University.

  1. Why are we here on Earth? Is there a Divine plan and mission for our lives?

Our purpose for being born into Earth University is to evolve. Secondly, The Dead Saints believe we are carefully chosen by God to complete a specific Mission on the world stage of Earth University.

Even though you will likely never know your Mission, it is still vitally important, no matter how small. Our Mission is part of God’s Divine Plan and may include several specific people, places, or things you are supposed to meet, visit, or do. It may include being at the right place at the right time to meet a specific person; saying a kind word at the right moment; building a company; making friends who touch other friends; writing a book, or becoming President of the United States.

  1. Is the Bible inerrant? Is the Bible sufficient for our spiritual growth?

Jesus insisted in a face to face conversation with a Dead Saint that she would learn that the BIBLE IS SUFFICIENT for spiritual growth. Her response was, “I tried to read it, but I didn’t understand it. It is too complex for me.”

He said, ‘Now you are going to understand.’

The Bible is sufficient. It has everything we need to grow spiritually. But if we don’t understand it, the Word of God can become a stumbling block or used as a judgment gavel. It is why I believe Dead Saint “commentaries” from the Afterlife are so important. Their holy experiences help bring clarity and understanding to the Bible

Is the Bible inerrant?

The short answer: A few months after I began writing the Chronicles, I fell asleep early one night and within an hour woke up with the words, “The Governing Laws of Religion are not absolute.”

In my mind, that phrase was the Word of God. I had no conscious role in creating it. It fell and alighted in my mind like a bird from above. It was a straightforward, direct statement about religion which piqued my curiosity. And since I didn’t rationally “create” the sentence, I wondered. Are the laws governing religion absolute? Without error?  Infallible?

In my search for an answer among Scripture and the testimonies brought back by the Dead Saints, it became clear to me: MOST, if not all, of our world religions (especially in the West) have been self-shackled to the words of their own scriptures and self-sentenced to a lightless prison of self-righteous judgment about sin, morality, salvation and the Kingdom.

The long answer.  Buy the book!

  1. What should non-Christians know about Jesus?

Researchers have uncovered a multitude of Jesus appearances; visits with non-Christians, Atheists and Agnostics, and even Believers of other faiths, including devout Jews and Muslims.

Belief in Jesus is not required. Jesus visited hundreds of people after his death and resurrection two thousand years ago. His appearances continue unabated to this day. He wants us to know, “He is real.”

This is the reason why the after-death appearances of Jesus in the Gospels resemble the modern ones. It is because He is still walking here among us, talking to Dead Saints in the Afterlife, and visiting many in broad daylight comforting those in need.

He wants us to know all mistakes are redeemable. All can be forgiven. That salvation—being saved—is about letting go of fear, hate, anger, and pain; that he can help us release our burdens, our fears of judgment, and our fears of death.

  1. Are Dead Saint Experiences Holy?

I believe many are! If the Apostle Paul can be transformed by his encounter with a dazzling Light from Heaven, can people—who today experience the same Light—receive divine revelations as holy and life changing as St. Paul?

Can these Dead Saints, who have glimpsed paradise, return to life with holy conversations? Why would their experiences be any less holy than Paul’s?

Though always intense and unforgettable, not all NDEs are equally transformational.

Some experience a Christ-like change. But the NDE is not a guaranteed free pass to endlessly serene sainthood. Not everyone, upon returning to life on Earth, is turned from a caterpillar into a butterfly. A Dead Saint experience is not an equal license to sainthood, simply because these sacred experiences do not equally transform the heart and mind.

  1. What is Near-Death Lightning?

In the Chronicles, I describe a sudden “lightning-like” encounter with a Holy Presence while reading the near-death experience of Christopher. My encounter could be described by the Christian term, “slain in the spirit”. I have experienced this phenomenon first hand among large groups of believers during laying-on-of-hands healing services, and felt the movement of the Holy Spirit (associated with laughing and crying). However my living room encounter was much more intense.

It then occurred to me I must have invoked Jesus’ Holy Presence while visualizing the NDE. I wasn’t praying at the time. I wasn’t asking for an experience. It just happened.

My encounter raised an important question: “How could the simple act of reading a dying man’s near-death meeting with Jesus Christ evoke such a profound experience for me?  Could this happen to others who read about near-death experiences?

I began to believe others could tune in to an NDE testimonial like Christopher’s and vicariously share it. I gave the direct encounter with Jesus a name. Near-Death Lightning. A term that became an important thesis in the Chronicles.