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Foreword by Dannion Brinkley, New York Times and international bestselling author of Saved by the Light and The Secrets of the Light

Discover the truth about dying, death, and the afterlife—and how it all relates to the here and now.


Largely written during Solomon’s battle with terminal Glioblastoma brain cancer, the book is also a deeply personal account of how the author relates his life’s work to his own tenuous mortality. Through journal entries, recordings of dreams and after-death communications from deceased loved ones, and autobiographical reflections, Solomon is able to give theology, spirituality, and overwhelming concepts like death and the afterlife a relatable immediacy.

Part educational volume, part guide, and part memoir, The Dead Saints Chronicles is unlike anything written to date. Intended for all types, backgrounds, and creeds, the book challenges readers to expand their thinking while providing all the lessons they need to recognize, understand, and eventually experience the state of heaven.

The Dead Saints Chronicles Table of Contents

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Foreword: by Dannion Brinkley

Part I: Nebari
Chapter 1: Premonitions
Chapter 2: The Race, the Research, & the Dead Saints Epiphany
Chapter 3: Death Is a Lie Humans Tell Themselves
Chapter 4: Earth University
Chapter 5: Rice Paper Teachers
Chapter 6: Dreams: Night School
Chapter 7: The Apprentice Gardener
Chapter 8: The Spiritual Journal
Chapter 9: Life Review
Chapter 10: The Judgment
Chapter 11: We Die in Character

Part II: Afterlife Bonsai
Chapter 12: Is Our Mission Finished?
Chapter 13: Death Step by Step
Chapter 14: Transformations & Supernatural Events
Chapter 15: You Do Not Die Alone
Chapter 16: The Body of Light
Chapter 17: Heaven—The Kingdom of Light
Chapter 18: Ghosts, Apparitions, & Earthbound Spirits
Chapter 19: Tragedy, Evil, & Hell

Part III: Bonsai Secrets
Chapter 20: The Governing Laws of Religion Are Not Absolute
Chapter 21: Pre-existence
Chapter 22: An Uncomfortable Possibility
Chapter 23: Jesus, Planetary Headmaster
Chapter 24: The 13th Path
Afterword: by John Anthony West